Hyperwallet is how baristas were paid through Java Momma's previous platform.  

To log into your Hyperwallet account please click here: Hyperwallet Login

Please look to see if you have earnings that you are holding in Hyperwallet and move then to the account of your choosing by June 28th, 2024.  You can have your earnings moved to PayPal, Venmo or a Banking Institution for a checking or savings account.  

To change your payout method once logged in, please click on the Transfer Tab.  You will see your available funds to the left of the screen.  To add a new payout method, click on the appropriate tab and add.  Make sure to mark the ACTION button to show YES to have the funds transfer. 

Additional Common Questions:
Is there a fee? – Yes, there was a $1.75 fee a month, only on the months you have a payout.
When do I receive a payout? – Commissions of over $5 were paid out on Fridays for the previous weeks earnings. The final payout to Hyperwallet is to take place on 6/7/2024.  Going forward ALL earnings will be paid out via your new Ambassador platform.  You can find how you would like to receive those earnings under the settings tab within your back office dashboard in your new account.