After a review of other companies' policies regarding moving orders, we have adjusted the parameters for when we will move orders for customers. The best option is to have the customer choose you as the barista and the party to add the order to at checkout if the link has defaulted back to Corp. This is not a system glitch, just a case of an internet cookie expiring before the customer completes the checkout process.

The best instructions to give your customer for orders are to create their customer account before ordering, then order and check out. Double-check that you, the barista, and the party are correct on the second checkout screen.

If you think your customer will have issues with the ordering process, submit the order through your party page using their customer account. You can even create a customer account for them with their email address, just do not ever use your email address to create a customer account as it will cause issues with your barista account.

We will move orders under these parameters:

  • Customers must request the move to be made, they can do so by emailing  or submitting a ticket through the website.

  • The request must be made no later than the Monday after the order is placed. Once we have run the commission report for the week, the system no longer allows us to move the order.
  • Orders will only be moved to parties hosted by customers before they close. We will not add or move orders to barista-hosted parties, including mystery host parties.