What organizations are eligible to host a fundraiser?

Any organization that holds a 501c3 or 501c status or is recognized by the IRS as a charity or nonprofit. (This does not guarantee approval.) Examples of approved fundraisers include, but are not limited to: disaster relief, nonprofit fundraising, and school fundraising for classroom supplies, sports equipment, etc. 

Do I work with Java Momma home office for my fundraiser?

No, all approved fundraisers must have a corresponding Java Momma Barista as a sponsor and point of contact. If you do not currently have a barista representative, Java Momma home office can assign one.

I am ready to submit an application to host a fundraiser. What do I do now?

Great! We are excited to receive your application. You can contact your personal barista representative for the application, you can also email fundraisers@javamomma.com for an application or visit www.jmfundraiser.com to submit your application online

Great, I am approved, what is next?

Upon approval, the organization will submit a photo to be used on their personalized label for the Fundraiser Blend coffee. Within 2-3 days to the start date of the fundraiser, Java Momma will provide the organization and sponsoring barista with a personalized fundraising ordering link, as well as a printable fundraising packet that includes descriptions of coffees and a customer order form so that manual orders can also be collected.

Does Java Momma collect my supporter’s information?

The Customer Order Form is solely for the use of the Barista and/or benefiting organization to collect orders and the supporter’s contact information. Java Momma will not deal with any customer information past the point of the benefiting organization, therefore, this form is not to be returned to Java Momma. Additionally, the Customer Order Form is an added tool from Java Momma; Barista’s and benefiting organizations are not required to use the form and can choose to process all orders via their site.

How long will the fundraiser run?

Fundraisers will run for three weeks from the start date.

How are orders placed?

Sellers can choose to distribute the organization’s personalized ordering link to collect orders or can take manual orders with a printed seller’s packet. A combination of both can be used as well. Manual orders must be placed by the organization or by the barista using the organization’s personalized ordering link.

What payment options are available for manual orders?

Check and cash payments are available for manual orders. Checks must be made payable to the organization.

How are orders shipped?

Manual orders placed with the seller will be shipped to the organization at no additional charge 10-14 business days from the close of the fundraiser. 


Orders placed using the organization's personalized ordering link can choose to be delivered to the organization at no additional charge or can be delivered directly to an address of their choice for an additional $9.95. These orders will be prepared and shipped within 10-14 business days from the date of order.

How are orders packed and distributed?

Fundraising procedure and distribution are up to the discretion of the Barista and/or benefiting organization. The barista can choose to pack up the orders and deliver to the organization or the organization can choose to personally pack up their orders. This is for physical order only. If the order was placed online and the customer paid to have it shipped, the order would go directly to the customer, no delivery needed. 

What items are included in the fundraiser?

The fundraiser line consists of 14 core line coffees and an exclusive fundraiser blend that can include a free customized label for the organization. We also offer several options of Momma’s Munchies, our freeze-dried candy line.

Is there a decaf option?

Yes, many of the coffees in the fundraiser line will include a decaf option.

What size is the items?

Each bag of coffee is a ½ lb. in size.

Each bag of Momma’s Munchies is 100 grams size

How much do they cost?

Each bag of coffee is $15 (add $2 for decaf)

Each bag of Momma’s Munchies is $10

How much will the organization earn per bag?

$5 per bag of coffee sold

$3 per bag of Momma’s Munchies sold

Does the Barista representative earn anything with the fundraiser?

The Barista representative will earn $1 per bag of coffee and .50 per bag of Momma’s Munchies sold. The Barista can choose to keep the funds or have them donated to the organization.

Is there a minimum order amount needed?

There is a 20-bag minimum for each fundraiser.

How does the organization receive their earned profits?

Java Momma will charge the full amount per item sold. When the fundraiser is finalized, Java Momma will send the benefiting organization a check containing the fundraiser’s profit.