We are thrilled you are interested in Java Momma!
We have several kits to purchase for new Baristas and individual samples for sale. We offer 3 different starter kits for new Baristas!
1st Kit: Influencer kit includes 20 samples and barista items.
2nd kit: Tea Join Kit includes 8 different kind of teas and barista items.
3rd: Build your Own Adventure Kit includes 4 samples of coffee and additional items at additional cost.  
That is $1.62 per sample (they are normally $3.50 each)! We do not ship free samples, but you should be able to find a kit to suit your needs. Once you sign up, there are never any other fees. Ever. You only have to make one purchase of any amount every three months. Your website is even included at no charge!
We offer 2 different bags that you can purchase as a customer to sample our products! 
We offer a Mini Bag: this includes up to 4 different 2oz samples. The price is $15.00 and shipping is included. 
We also offer a Large Variety Bag: this includes 2 different 8oz bags of coffee, up to 4 different 2oz samples, up to 2 different teas. The price is $45.00 and shipping is included. 
I hope this answers your questions.