We understand how frustrating this can be. If you received a notification that your items were delivered, but you have not received your package, please take the following steps:

1. Contact your local USPS office (not the national hotline) immediately. Sometimes, your items may have been delivered on the wrong porch or in the wrong mailbox, and since our packages are insured, USPS is liable. Contacting your local office as soon as possible is essential in making sure that, if your item was delivered improperly, it can be retrieved by your postal carrier and be scheduled for redelivery.
2. Once you have proactively contacted the USPS office, wait 24 hours. It happens fairly often that tracking is updated prematurely, and your items will show up within the next 24 hours.
3. If your items have still not been delivered, it’s time to file a claim with the USPS or the police department if you believe your items have been stolen. Please retain your claim and/or police report numbers, as these are essential in helping us to best serve you and provide any assistance we can. 

Once your order has been fulfilled and shipped by Java Momma, it is the responsibility of the USPS to successfully deliver your package. The delivery confirmation you receive from Java Momma serves as official notice that the order we shipped to your address has been confirmed as delivered by the USPS. After receiving the official word from USPS that the item has been delivered, Java Momma cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
In the instance where a package does not reach a delivered status after 4 weeks, Java Momma will file a claim with USPS and come to a resolution. When filing these claims, it can take up to 14 business days to reach a determination, and once determination is made we will contact you with arrangements for a refund or replacement.

Q: Why can’t you file the claim for me?  A: As much as we would love to do this, once an item is documented as delivered by the USPS, we are unable to file a claim. As the recipient, you are the only one who can effectively claim you did not receive the items that the USPS has stated they delivered. We will, however, file any claim for an item that has not reached delivered status.
Q: What happens if USPS denies my claim?  A: If USPS denies your claim, please retain the claim number. The USPS has determined that the package was delivered to the address listed on the label. This often means that you were victim of a theft, and a police report will need to be filed. Please keep us up to date on this, and if there is anything we can do to assist, we will help you.
Q: What happens if USPS approves my claim? A: If USPS approves your claim, you will be issued an insurance payment from USPS based on the value of your purchase.